Be Bold.

Be Flavourful.

We work hard to grow clean and flavourful cannabis. Reap the fruits of our labour.

Our Craft

Grown With Legacy Know How

It takes bold growers to grow bold product. That’s why we take the time to hand select the most unique genetics, grow them in pristine environments, hang dry and hand trim them, so you too can experience bold.

Our Cultivars

Pineapple Party




Aromas of powerful gas and hints of sweet pineapple nectar fluctuate throughout this Indica dominant bud. This bud is no ordinary party; it’s a pineapple party.

Pineapple-Pez X Cheetah P.

Golden Parfait

Indica Dominant


Indica Dominant

In a world full of apples it’s better to be a pineapple. Known for its high levels of THC in carnation with creamy chocolate notes.

SVF OG X Key Limeade

Hawaiian Pineapple

Hybrid - Summer 2021


Hybrid – Summer 2021

A Sativa leaning Hybrid that packs a terpene punch. This flower is known for its tropical aromas and creamy taste that will leave you running through fields of pineapple bliss. 

D. Whip X Cookies and Cream


Hybrid - Winter 2021


Hybrid – Winter 2021

RuntzBX, bred by Tiki Mad Man, is a strain known for its incredible fruity flavour and creamy smoke.

Runtz X Forbidden Runtz

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Pineapple Buds in an Indigenous affiliated company located in the Okanagan Valley. Originating from barn beginnings to a custom built hydroponics facility, we combine simple and innovative horticulture techniques to grow a select range of niche cannabis strains.

Founder & Master Grower

Meet Kyra Horvath

Kyra has worked extensively in cannabis science, focusing on quality assurance and consumer application. With grassroots experience, passion and an exciting vision for women in the cannabis space she is ready to blaze a new trail.

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